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Web3 Gaming, Blockchain & Ayahuasca: Michael Sanders Explores It All!

• Michael Sanders is the Co-Founder & Storyteller of Horizon Blockchain Games.
• He discusses the benefits of blockchain technology for gaming, the potential for web3 to shape the future of the gaming industry, and challenges and opportunities of developing web3 games.
• He has also co-founded a clean energy startup, acted as VP of ClearMedia advertising agency, and authored a best-selling book on Ayahuasca.

About Michael Sanders

Michael Sanders is Co-Founder & Storyteller of Horizon Blockchain Games. Micheal connects the dots, makes the esoteric comprehensible, and tells the Horizon story through narrative, lore, brand, and marketing. Michael first fell in love with blockchain technologies in 2010 before becoming more actively involved in the industry in 2013 as an investor in cryptocurrencies and related startups. He previously co-founded a clean energy startup, acted as VP of ClearMedia advertising agency, co-founded a transformational dance and sound therapy experience, and authored the best-selling Ayahuasca: An Executive’s Enlightenment. Michael lives a life of love, openness, and play, and he’s committed to infusing web3 and the new dimension with these same values.

Benefits Of Blockchain Technology For Gaming

In his exclusive interview with, Michael discussed about how blockchain technology offers many advantages to gaming such as improved transparency between players; increased security from hacks; better control over digital assets; lower transaction fees; improved game mechanics; faster transactions; trustless systems; enhanced game economies; improved user experience (UX); increased privacy protection for players etc..

Potential For Web3 To Shape The Future Of The Gaming Industry

Michael points out that Web3 has great potential to revolutionize gaming by allowing users to interact directly with each other without any middleman or intermediary taking part in their transactions or activities – this could mean direct peer-to-peer payments between gamers or even creating unique virtual worlds based on smart contracts that can be interacted with using cryptocurrency or other digital tokens. In addition to this increased decentralization within gaming ecosystems will allow for greater levels of creativity from developers due to not being limited by existing platforms that may have strict rules or regulations regarding content creation/distribution etc..

Challenges And Opportunities Of Developing Web3 Games

The challenge for developers when it comes to building web3 games lies primarily around user adoption – getting people used to playing games on a decentralized platform rather than traditional ones like Steam or Xbox Live can be difficult but once users become familiar with these new platforms they will likely find them far more rewarding than regular games due to all their additional features such as no fees/transactions costs associated with buying items/currency etc.. Developers also need to ensure their game runs smoothly despite all its advanced features which requires significant technical knowledge but luckily there are plenty resources available online that can help simplify this process if needed!

Gaming And Web3 Outlook: What’s Available On The Market?

As Web3 begins to take off so too does its application within gaming – more developers are looking into incorporating blockchain technology into their titles while others are working hard at creating entirely new experiences based around it from scratch which means gamers have plenty choices available when it comes time for them select something fun! From fantasy sports leagues powered by Ethereum smart contracts all way up VR shooters running on distributed ledgers – there really something out there everyone regardless what kind genre they prefer!