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Mitsubishi Electric Ex-CEO’s Son Arrested for Violent Crypto Theft

• The former CEO of Mitsubishi Electric, Takeshi Sugiyama’s son, Sugiyama Leo (30) was arrested due to a violent crypto robbery and kidnapping case in Japan.
• It is reported that Sugiyama Leo and his associates confined the victim and threatened to kill his family if he lied or ran away.
• If convicted, Sugiyama Leo may face a prison sentence of at least three to four years according to a former public prosecutor Nobuo Gohara.

Former CEO’s Son Arrested in Violent Crypto Theft

The son of the former CEO of Mitsubishi Electric has been arrested in a violent crypto robbery and kidnapping case in Japan – which saw a crypto holder allegedly confined and beaten over a period of 20 days. Per Weekly Bunshun, Kyoto Prefectural Police arrested eight men on suspicion of kidnapping, assaulting, and confining an individual. Police said this was part of an attempt to steal some $0.75 million worth of tokens. Officers stated that Sugiyama Leo (30) was the group’s ringleader.

Suspect Described as „Company Executive“

Sugiyama Leo was described as a „company executive“ and gym operator living in Osaka. And his father, the news outlet noted, is Takeshi Sugiyama, who served as Mitsubishi Electric’s CEO from 2018 to 2021.

Crypto Holder Confined for 20 Days

The media outlet reported that in June of last year, Sugiyama Leo learned that a member of a gym he managed in Osaka was in possession of considerable cryptoasset holdings.Police said that Sugiyama Leo and his associates confined this individual to a room in a guest house. Here, the victim was allegedly „tied up with adhesive tape and repeatedly assaulted.“ Officers stated that the victim was repeatedly „kicked in the head.“ The assailants also reportedly „threatened to kill the victim’s family“ if the victim „ran away or lied to them.“ Eventually, the assailants managed to coerce the victim into handing over their crypto wallet’s private keys, officers said.

Gang Steals Crypto Before Victim Escapes

Police said that the gang then proceeded to steal the crypto – but that the victim finally managed to escape. Once free,the victim then sought help froma „passer-by“ near tthe guest house..

Ex-Mitsubishi Electric CEO Could Be Jailed For 3-4 Years

The media outlet quoted a former public prosecutor named Nobuo Gohara as stating:“This was an exceptionally heinous crimein whichthe defenselessvictimwas assaultedincaptivity .The perpetrators extorteda large amountof moneyfromthevictim.“ Gohara opinedthat ,if convicted ,aprison sentenc eofat leastthree totouryearswasinevitable forSugiyamLeo .Establishedin 1921 ,Mitsubish iElectricisoneofJapansbiggestelectricalgoodscompanies .The companyis oneofthecoreunitsintheMitsubishigroup—oneofAsiasmostlucrativefamily -runbusinessgroups .