It is over 20 years since South Africa was one of the inaugural signatories to the United Nations Convention on the Non-Navigational Uses of International Watercourses (‘UNWC’). With the UNWC entering into force in 2014 and given the escalating water scarcity and freshwater pollution challenges facing Southern Africa, it is thus timely to evaluate how complementary it is with subsequent legal regimes governing South Africa’s transboundary watercourses. This paper examines the development of South Africa’s international river agreements since ratifying the UNWC. Their compatibility in relation to South Africa’s UNWC obligations is thus analysed regarding a regional legal framework and agreements governing three of the country’s main transboundary river basins: Orange-Senqu; Incomati-Maputo; and Limpopo. Keywords: watercourses convention; international river; basin agreement; treaty; South Africa
International Journal of Water Governance

Kinna, R. (2018). Seeking legal complementarity in a water-stressed region: Are South Africa’s modern international river agreements compatible with its obligation. International Journal of Water Governance, 6, 85–107. doi:10.7564/17-IJWG133