This article examines the institutions governing irrigation water-takings in the Great Lakes Basin in an effort to get some idea of the transboundary governance capacity in this area. Examining the capacity of the institutions governing irrigation water-takings is especially interesting given that most water-taking institutions in the basin were created without irrigation specifically in mind. Accordingly, one might reasonably expect there to be limited governance capacity with respect to irrigation, but this is not the case. The introduction of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact in 2008 has resulted in an impressive level of transboundary governance capacity, scoring well on the four institutional indicators of capacity used in this special issue.

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International Journal of Water Governance

Tim Heinmiller. (2016). Institutions and Transboundary Governance Capacity in the Great Lakes Basin: The Case of Irrigation Water-Takings. International Journal of Water Governance, 2016(4:3), 33–52.