Regional trade agreements in Europe over coal and steel served as the foundation for both larger regional integration and regional stability. A water-energy nexus could provide a similar foundation for a more peaceful and more sustainable Levant region. The Levant is among the most water stressed regions in the world, but it is bountiful in solar energy potential. Technological innovation coupled with transboundary cooperation could provide the solution to the region’s growing water and associated energy demand, as well as contribute to regional stabilization. This paper explores the rational for the creation of a proposed water-renewable energy community based on interdependence among Israel, Jordan, and Palestine, where much needed water is produced through desalination on the Israeli and Palestinian Mediterranean coasts and additional electricity needs are met by extensive investment in solar renewable energy in Jordan’s eastern deserts. Keywords: Water-energy nexus, Environmental peacebuilding, Resource trade, International agreements, Israel, Jordan, Palestine
International Journal of Water Governance

Waxman, J.B, Mehyar, M, Bromberg, G, Khateb, N, & Milner, M. (2015). A Water and Energy Nexus as a Catalyst for Middle East Peace. International Journal of Water Governance, 3(1), 71–92. doi:10.7564/14-IJWG50